We launched an Automotive industry-first for CEAT - a blockchain-powered campaign that reduced ad-fraud and increased viewability.


Ad Fraud is industry-wide

In India, 22% of digital spend is lost to ad fraud every year. That amounts to almost $453 million and the crisis was affecting our client, CEAT Tyres. “SAFETY = CEAT Tyres” is their brand promise, and they wanted to take this philosophy throughout their marketing efforts. Their ambition was to create a safe media ecosystem whilst celebrating their product - the MilazeX3 that lasts up to 1 Lakh Km*.


Finding the perfect audience

The campaign creative idea addressed how changing tyre is the last in priority for Car owners, and CEAT tyres last a long time - up to 1 Lakh Km*. Normally in India, Digital Media works through audiences being defined on the basis of their browsing from cookies. But we wanted to ensure minimum spillage and reach CEAT's target audience with high accuracy, so we partnered with AdsDax, a blockchain advertising platform, where we scrubbed down the master audience sets to find the most relevant subsets of consumers. The remaining audience cookies were targeted on the basis of categories more relevant to CEAT customers. e.g. in-market consumers of tyres, car accessories, etc. using the nuances of the creative.


Millions of in-market users & increased viewability

Our solution helped to lower the ECPM of the campaign and the Blockchain-based operations/transaction helped us ensure minimum spillage and ad-fraud while ensuring complete transparency around transactions. The campaign delivered a remarkable 70% viewability compared to the industry benchmark of 30% and the eCPM was brought down by 52.3%. We wrote 6.6 Million operations written in to the stellar chain, 2.6 Million Users engaged with the video creative with 4.97% CTR - which is very low for a category like tyres.  65K+ users visited CEAT's website in just 2 weeks, and 95% were new users.