1 December 2021

Unlocking Gen Z 2022: A Generation of Contradictions

dentsu China's Creative Service Line has released “Unlocking Gen Z 2022: A Generation of Contradictions” a paper that looks at the buying and shopping habits of Gen Z.

Marketers have long been researching and analyzing the Gen Z group, also known as Zoomers. However, to this day, they still don’t have any real clue about the generation known for their money-making and saving abilities, who still buy products that support their hobbies and passions. Zoomers freely move between the real and virtual worlds, wanting to be unique but still maintain strong cultural bonds with their communities. They are young but value their health and wellness. Dentsu Z, a dedicated team of dentsu Zoomers, was launched to help unravel the enigma surrounding Gen Z.


The paper, authored by the dentsu Z team, looks at four areas marketers can use to help them meet the needs of Gen Z in China – consumption, culture, entertainment and technology. 


Download “Unlocking Gen Z 2022: A Generation of Contradictions” in full here: 


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